A Six Week Plan for Better Health

Eight powerful intentions, woven throughout eight unique guides, providing a balanced, and rejuvenating experience. When practiced faithfully, Constructive Rest will fundamentally improve your life.

Sample audio:

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I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to your CD’s on Constructive Rest. The timbre and resonance of your voices, the excellent clarity of your word choices, the moments of stillness and pausing, are all beautifully rendered. I know that I will listen to these CD’s many times and be changed by them.

Meade Andrews – Master Teacher of The Alexander Technique

First thing in the morning and every other day, do Constructive Rest with our audio guide. On the in-between days do Constructive Rest on your own. Just be still and quiet for 20 minutes. Follow this sequence with the guides:

Week 1 – The Guide for Everyone
Week 2 – The Alexander Technique Edition: Directions
Week 3 – The Alexander Technique Edition: Whispered Ah
Week 4 – The Body Map Edition: Balance
Week 5 – The Body Map Edition: Breathing
Week 6 – The Body Map Edition: Arms & Legs

Three or four nights per week, listen to Sleep Constellations as you settle into bed.

Going on a trip? Listen to Constructive Rest On Airplanes.

Create a special playlist for each CR track so that when the track is finished playing you won’t be surprised by something else in your music library.

After six weeks, continue enjoying Constructive Rest, sometimes with a guide, sometimes without. Let your inspiration randomly pick a track from one of the guides. Trust your intuition!

Constructive Rest, also known as semi-supine, active rest, and the balanced resting state, is one of the most common procedures of students and teachers of The Alexander Technique. CR is also widely used in the realms of dance, theatre, yoga, and physio-therapy among others. Its uses are many: slow down in a hectic day, ease an achy back, encourage psoas muscle release, just to name a few.

Constructive Rest: The Audio Guide Series provides a balanced experience of these primary intentions:

  1. Cultivate an Overall Integrated Body Awareness
  2. Encourage Muscular Freedom Now
  3. Facilitate Breathing Integrity
  4. Promote an Accurate, Adequate Body Map
  5. Renew a Healthy Relationship with Space
  6. Think F. M. Alexander’s Directions
  7. Play with the Whispered Ah
  8. Nurture Healthy Non-Doing, also known as Inhibition
    • or Free Won’t (rather than Free Will . . . think about it!)

Rediscover freedom and ease in your body, improved clarity of thinking, and a heightened rapport with your environment. Constructive Rest is a time to tune in, not zone out. Many people find it better than a nap during the day. Listen to sample audio clips. Purchase a CD or MP3 download. Begin changing your life for the better, today!